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About Orlando Dugi

Orlando Dugi | Santa Fe, NM based Native American Fashion Designer | Traditionally Hand-Made Fashion Clothing

Orlando Dugi draws inspiration from his childhood memories of stargazing in the desert of northern Arizona while spending summer vacations on his paternal grandparents’ sheep ranch.

The stars hold deep meaning to the Diné people. Songs and prayers passed down through generations of astronomical knowledge. This coupled with the phrase, “Walk in Beauty,” a way of being in harmony with all that’s around you, a state of grace, is the foundation of the ORLANDO DUGI Brand. Beauty before me, beauty behind me, beauty below me, beauty above me, beauty all around me; I walk in beauty. Garments made by hand, woven of wool or sewn of cotton or silk using traditional techniques in dyeing, weaving, and ornamented with an assortment of accessories, to adorn the body, have always been a part of Navajo culture. And a commitment to continuing those traditions and sharing them with women is evident in the extravagant fashion created at ORLANDO DUGI.


Orlando Dugi is a Santa Fe based fashion house, designing timeless yet modern elegance for the chic woman. Luxurious fabrics, textures, embellishments, and extravagance for handcrafting all stemming from tradition deeply rooted in matriarchal heritage. Orlando Dugi meticulously threads the past with the present.


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